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UHMWPE ROPE is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and is an extremely high strength, low stretch rope. It is 15 times stronger than steel. The rope is the choice for every serious sailor worldwide 
because it has very little stretch, it’s light weight, easy spliced and is UV resistant.
It is commonly used to replace steel cable when weight is an issue. It also makes an excellent material for winch cables.

UHMWPE rope core with Polyester jacket rope is a unique products.This kind of rope has high strength and high abrasion resistance features. Polyester jacket will protect the uhmwpe rope core, and  prolong the service life of rope

Main performance

Materials:Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Construction:8-strand ,12-stran,d double braided
Application: Marine, Fishing,Offshore, Winch, Tow
Standard Color:Yellow(also available by special order in black, re,d green, blue, orange and so on)
Specific Gravity:0.975(floating)
Melting Point: 145℃
Abrasion Resistance:Excellent
U.V.Resistance: Good
Temperature resistance: Maximum 70℃
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Dry&Wet conditions: wet strength eaquals dry strength
Range of Use: Fishing, offshore installation, Mooring
Coil Length: 220m(according to customers' request)
Spliced strength:±10%
Weight and Length Tolerance:±5%
MBL:conform  ISO 2307
Other sizes available upon request

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